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Fungavir Tops the Chart for Fighting Nail Fungus

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fungavir reviews

Fungavir takes the #1 spot according to our editor for fighting nail fungus giving it our editor’s best product award.  With its supreme quality, Fungavir beat the competition and took the editor’s award.  But it wasn’t just its supreme quality that was evaluated, take a look.

Top Ingredients 

Fungavir contains fourteen ingredients, more than any other all natural products on the market today.  Out of those fourteen ingredients, six of them are the strongest natural antifungal ingredients, some of which are used in modern science today.  These prescription strength ingredients not only work around the nail but underneath the nail as well, where the fungus starts.  It also helps remove discoloration caused from nail fungus.  This supreme blend of ingredients was researched based on the most stubborn cases of nail fungus and proven to be most effective.

Doctor Formulated

Because of its dual action formula, which is produced in the USA in an FDA regulated laboratory, it fights fungus at its root while promoting stronger, healthier nails.  With its antiseptic properties it helps relieve pain, itching and burning while promoting tissue healing and new nail growth.  It is manufactured in a GMP certified facility with no filler additives like other products.  It is 100% all natural and safe to use for anyone, any age, to kill finger or toe nail fungus.

Fastest results

Fungavir’s quick results were also evaluated.  With it having the fastest results of any other all natural products on the market helped it receive the editor’s best product award.  Nail fungus can be stubborn and with Fungavir, users have seen improvement of their symptoms within a few weeks.  Fungavirs continued use shown complete elimination in as little as a few months.  No other natural product helps fight nail fungus like Fungavir.

Best value

Another area evaluated by our editor was value.  And with Fungavir’s best value, their prevention program which is a buy 3 gets 3 free provides a 65% savings, putting it in the #1 spot with our editor.  Their top seller not only provides a 60% savings, that’s a $140.00 savings, it comes with the cuticle cream and the nail protein.  These can also be purchased separately.  Their aggressive program also offers a 50% savings with their buy 2 get 2 free.  They provide same day discreet shipping and offer express delivery to get the product to your door sooner.  You can place an order online or through their customer service reps.

Excellent Customer Service

Because of their excellent and skilled customer service representatives ranking above the rest with our editor, also achieved Fungavir the editor’s best products award.  Their compassionate representatives can answer any questions you may have regarding Fungavir, their shipping, or ordering.  Their friendly service is always happy to take comments from their customers.  Their caring customer support is available online through email or by phone.

In Summary

Not only does Fungavir have the most effective ingredients, they have the best value, the fastest results, and the highest ranked customer service.  When you look at Fungavir as a whole, you can see why it took our editor’s best product award.

Rank num1 Fungavir Reviews num2 Fungavir Reviews num3 Fungavir Reviews
Products Fungavir Zetaclear Nail-Rx
fungavir1 Fungavir Reviews zetaclear Fungavir Reviews nail rx Fungavir Reviews
Overall Rating a Fungavir Reviews to aplus Fungavir Reviews b Fungavir Reviews to bplus Fungavir Reviews cplus Fungavir Reviews to bminus Fungavir Reviews
Results a Fungavir Reviews b Fungavir Reviews
cplus Fungavir Reviews
Within several weeks
Service a Fungavir Reviews
Very knowledgeable
and supportive
cplus Fungavir Reviews
Not very
bplus Fungavir Reviews
Very supportive
Success Rate aplus Fungavir Reviews 98% cplus Fungavir Reviews 79% c Fungavir Reviews 73%
Return Policy a Fungavir Reviews Risk free a Fungavir Reviews Risk free a Fungavir Reviews Risk free
Average Price (based on 4 bottles) $24.95 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
$37.47 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
$28.46 per bottle
(based on 4 bottles)
Overall Value a Fungavir Reviews Very Effective b Fungavir Reviews Good b Fungavir Reviews Good
aplus Fungavir Reviews96%
Approval Rating
b Fungavir Reviews 85%
Approval Rating
cplus Fungavir Reviews 78%
Approval Rating
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